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I’d like to sew a lot more, so I’m focusing my #makenine2021 exclusively on sewing projects. I’m starting first with a couple small projects that I’ve been meaning to make forever and which don’t require any fitting. After that, a couple basics that should hopefully be ok for a beginner-ish sewist; a couple loungewear items where wonky fit is ok; and then a couple garments that are a bit more ambitious for my current level. I wish I was the type of person who wears skirts, because there’s so many of them in the “beginner” pattern level.

A grid of sample projects based on the projects listed in the post

Starting with the top row and moving left to right:

  1. This drawstring bag from Spruce Crafts, to house my reusable makeup remover pads. I’ve had the fabric cut for this project for awhile…
  2. A tool roll, pattern from Bookhou. Planning to do this up in a couple different black and white fabrics.
  3. A zippered pouch. I bought some fabric for a particular pouch I want to make eons ago in Japan. Said fabric is patterned with tiny shinkansens (Japanese high-speed trains).
  4. The Stellan Tee, to refresh my wardrobe’s basics. (Photo by unmatinenville)
  5. A couple Kila Tanks, because I never want to shop for a basic tank again.
  6. A Suki Robe (short View B), possibly in some home-indigo-dyed fabric that is (still) unspoken for.
  7. Shorts from the Vero Beach Set or Carolyn Pajamas. Haven’t decided yet which pattern to go with, just that I only want to make the bottoms. I find PJ tops with collars/pockets/buttons annoying to sleep in, even if they are super cute.
  8. The Wiksten Haori. Honestly I just want to sew all the jackets.
  9. The Amherst Shirt in some fun prints!

What’s in your Make Nine?

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